FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a home is always a bit of a challenge. You can’t always believe what you read or indeed see of your intended choice in advance of your arrival despite the most fabulous website, until you get there. Bamboo Farmhouse, Gozo is a triumph. You’ll be happy with your choice !

  • Question: Does the pool contain fresh or salt water ?
  • Answer: Fresh water
  • Question: Is the property insured ?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Question: Are pets allowed in the property?
  • Answer: Yes, small pets allowed.
  • Question: Who is our contact person throughout our stay in Gozo ?
  • Answer: Ms. Natasha Pace can be contacted on  +356 79284217
  • Question: Is there any gym equipment ?
  • Answer: Yes there is a weights machine and a bicycle
  • Question: How far away is the closest church ?
  • Answer: The closest church is a Roman Catholic one, and is just a 10 minute walk or 3 minute drive.
  • Question: Is there a bus-stop close by ?
  • Answer: Yes only 3 minute walk
  • Question: Where is the closest beach located ?
  • Answer:  The closest beach is only a 10 minute walk and 3 minutes drive
  • Question: Where is the closest mini-market ?
  • Answer: The closest mini-market is only a 3 minute walk and is called Bagels